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They briefly return to Caroline County so their first child, Sidney, can be delivered by Richard's mother, a midwife.


, Shark Tank, and The Voice, as well as Ben Newmark, Dan Newmark and Larry Barron. The cast included Miss Arizona USA 2009, Alicia-Monique Blanco; Miss Colorado USA 2015, Talyah Polee; host, Domonique Price, and American singer-songwriter, TV personality, and former collegiate athlete; Alex Lagemann. Virginia, which invalidated state laws prohibiting interracial marriage.Upon Mildred discovering that she is pregnant, they decide to marry, but knowing that interracial marriage violates Virginia's anti-miscegenation laws, they drive to Washington, D. Soon afterward, sheriff's deputies raid Mildred's home and arrest the Lovings.However, the judge suspends the sentence, on condition that they not return to Virginia together for at least 25 years.

The Lovings move to Washington to stay with a friend of Mildred's.We asked them about their digital lives and habits, the apps they use and the games they play, pop culture, and politics.



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