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Poppy spilled the tea to Gareth Cliff on dating Sizwe, whom she described as being a friend before the two hooked up. So is my friend Xolisa [Dyeshana] and so is Anele [Mdoda]. Sizwe and I are obviously exes, and we spend half our time fighting on this group and everyone's like 'can the two of you please not? You know when someone is your ex, anything they say pisses you off.Pressed by Cliff if she ever dated Sizwe, Poppy replies:“Yeah, unfortunately. Look I’m glad it’s just over.”Asked about how dating affected their friendship, she responds by saying:“We have these chat group. Even when Sizwe is not talking to me I get offended.


Join us for Matthew West, Colton Dixon, Hawk Nelson and Sarah Reeves on Sunday, August 27th at 4 PM in Cardinal Stadium.I’ve always hated the idea of a website, run on a computer, testing me to see if I am a computer.



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    This combination could either fail in its initial stages or flourish over long periods.

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