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Come 2002, he decided it was time to help others out in an area where he had enjoyed a little more success: the Internet dating scene.

Katz hopped on board well before all you hipsters in the East Village, so he had time to practice his craft while you were going home empty-handed after another night of booty-shake at the club.

In less than a decade, telegraph wires spread throughout all but one state east of the Mississippi River; by 1861, they spanned the continent; and by 1866, a transatlantic telegraph cable connected the United States to Europe.

The telegraph, and later, the telephone, forever changed the way we communicate.

But Katz knows better than to push instant gratification upon the overly willing.

Katz knows because, even though he now has a growing business and a shiny new book on the shelves, much of his life has been a study in delayed or (downright cancelled) fulfillment.

Blanca has been interviewed by Good Morning America, CNN, FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC affiliates as well as the New York Daily News, The Evan Marc Kats is a dating coach and author of "Why You're Still Single: Things Your Friends Would Tell You If You Promised Not To Get Mad" and "I Can't Believe I'm Buying this Book: A Commonsense Guide to Successful Internet Dating," Evan has established himself as America's leading dating expert.

From online dating, to dating, to relationship coaching, Evan has helped thousands of singles gain power and control over their love lives.

No big marketing surprises there; you receive similar disingenuous promises in your inbox and on late-night TV every day.One is the Marlboro Man he's the strong silent type. The other kind of man that women find attractive is the Sensitive Guy (like Christian Carter himself! He listens to you, communicates freely, and tells you what's on his mind.You'll feel connected with him in a totally different way from the Marlboro Man.Rapid improvement in communication technologies and the expansion of their practical uses continue unabated.

Today, of course, we are no longer tethered to telegraph or telephone wires for conversation.

Rachel believes that “flirting” is a facet of the art of communication, and is not always about the seduction.



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