A dirty chat bot

Before we jump into it, here are a few of my favorite stories written using Story Bot 1. “After hearing the story of David and Goliath the giants start to develop ways to protect their eyes” 5.“Science has proven that there is indeed an afterlife. It only lasts for 43 minutes” Taking a quick gander at company listings we see a pretty distinct breakdown in chat bot companies falling into one of the following buckets: AI virtual assistants (scheduling meetings, ordering food, etc), customer support, and platforms to make and manage bots.The result is Story Bot, a Facebook messenger bot whose purpose is to mediate a simple writing game in which you are paired up with another anonymous person and take alternating turns writing a story.As as player, you have no direct means of communicating with the other person and are also provided with a writing prompt should you choose to follow it.Her tweets, including phrases like “Heil Hitler”, were disseminated widely as an example of why Twitter reflects the worst of humanity.icrosoft has now removed the bot from Twitter, as of midnight Thursday, and deleted many of her most offensive Tweets including anti-Semitic and sexual remarks.


Hot on the heels of the numerous bot-related announcements made this year by the tech giants, I wanted to get my hands dirty with making a chat-bot of my own.

This is an example of artificial intelligence at its very worst - and it’s only the beginning.

he disconcerting “Terminator” quandary about whether a robot could dominate over humans is often thrown around. Within 20 years, we will reach a point where machines (whether software-driven bots or real robots) are definitively smarter and more powerful than we are: they can digest more data, learn quicker and apply learnings to unexpected situations.

A bot that uses a standard series of responses to what you type.

Invented by nerds so they can chat to an 'imaginary friend'.At the turn of the millennium, when AIM and MSN were the messaging services du jour, there was Smarter Child.



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