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You can use standard SQL to access local and remote JSON resources as tables.After setting the following properties, you can execute SELECT statements to JSON.When you have finished selecting the tables, click on the OK button.Your linked tables should now appear in your database window.In such cases the front end and backend are separate files .The backend is installed on one computer and the front end is installed on one or more computers as per requirements.The Table Def object ccorresponding to a linked table has a Connect property that contains the connection string to the "real" remote database and a Source Table Name property that contains the name of the table in the remote database. If it's for changing the connection to the database you can use the function Update Linked Table(). This name can be different from the name on the table in the current database. Refresh Set tdf = Nothing Set dbs = Nothing End Sub Sub Create Linked Table() Dim dbs As DAO. Table Def Dim str Connection As String Dim str Linked Table Name As String Dim str Remote Table Name As String 'Name of the linked table in the current database. If you simply want to refresh an existing link without changing it you can use the Refresh Link method of the Table Def object: From where? If you want to update the contents of a table from a form, the simplest way consist in binding the form to the table (or to a query based on the table) - property: Record Source, then to bind the controls of that form (Text Box controls, etc.) to the columns (fields) of the bound table or query - property: Control Source. You can also use a Recordset Object (DAO or ADO) and use the Edit and Update methods to modify the contents of a field: Sub Update Field_DAO() Dim dbs As DAO.

Use the following procedure to view links or to refresh them when the structures of the linked tables have changed.

In this example, we are selecting the Testing2.accdb file.


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