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But the stuff of myth and legend is not far from the flesh and blood truth.Let’s face it — Greek “boys” are spoiled, arrogant, and flagrantly unfaithful.The stories of Greek heroes’ infidelity and hanky panky are the stuff of legend. Jason, married to Medea and whose charms without which he could not have survived, still betrayed her by marrying an Athenian princess, quite younger.He knew full well that he was going against his vow that he would never cheat on her.Home to the all important erotas (love, passion, romance) Greece is a land that comes alive at night, where no one whos anyone goes out before midnight, nor to bed before dawn. As a woman, I have come to the sad conclusion that there is little respect for women as people in Greece. But money is to be spent, and those Greek men sure like to spend it on a pretty tourist!Same theme with Theseus, who according to both literary and historical record was an arrogant jerk.He needed Ariadne’s help to get out of the labyrinth but when his use for her was done, he abandoned her, pregnant no less, on the island of Naxos after getting her drunk on the way back to Athens from Crete.


I was finally in a relationship with a guy who adored me, who shared my interests and passions, and who wasn't afraid to make a commitment.Greece is an extraordinary country full of beauty and rich histories.But for some of us the main attraction is simply the Greek men.Whether you are a tourist or a local, dating Greek men is always guaranteed to be a memorable experience.


What exactly is it that makes dating Greek men so appealing? At the top end of the list of reasons why we should date Greek men is without a question connected to their looks.

We have heard stories of so and so cheating on his wife for many years.


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