Archeomagnetism in the use of brick dating lanos

Date estimates are presented in the same way as those that arise from radiocarbon dating.

In order to illustrate the model and the inference method used, we will present results based on French, Bulgarian and Austrian datasets recently published.

The latter were sampled and analysed using luminescence dating techniques.

The results show that, as well as the practice of reusing bricks or tiles salvaged from abandoned Roman sites, brickmaking was not a forgotten skill in north-western France and appears to have been continuously practised in the region.

Changes of the field strength can influence the life on Earth and may act as evolutional sieve.

Nowadays, the detailed mechanism of the magnetic field is still not yet completely clear, in particular the reversal process when the strength of the geomagnetic field is considerably reduced.

After a review of the published archaeomagnetic data currently available for France and Bulgaria, we present different smoothing techniques applied to data obtained in these countries.

Finally, we present the usage of the variation curves of the geomagnetic elements in the past to calculate the archaeomagnetic dates.

Recent improvements in archaeomagnetism applied to archaeological baked clay, in France and Bulgaria, are presented in this paper.


After reviewing the historical development of the method in France and Bulgaria, and the principles of the method, we present sampling techniques for structures (kilns and hearths) and sets of displaced materials (bricks or tiles).

Many areas in the European Union (EU) are undergoing rapid economic expansion, inevitably involving the loss of our shared cultural heritage.


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