Are billy fuccillo and caroline dating


Selling Kia brand automobiles at his Cape Coral dealership, he claims to be the largest Kia dealer in the world and closes every commercial with "It's Huge."But, like his advertisements, it's not always the whole truth you get.

In the car business, there's lots of tricks to sell cars and Fuccillo is a master of most of them.

That store is the company’s largest, selling almost 1,000 cars a month, and it requires a lot of attention from him, Fuccillo said.

There’s even a Billy Fuccillo Facebook page with his picture and catchphrase, the word “Huge,” posted on it.

“That’s not me and I don’t know anything about it,” he said.

We've all seen her on those annoying "HUGE" TV commercials. There are rumors about her being the car dealers girlfriend, or alternatively that she's dating his son. Find out everything you need by ordering this "top secret" special report.

Better Business Bureau Rates Fuccillo Kia Of Cape Coral Huge "F"FORT MYERS, FL.

-- You've seen Billy Fuccillo on TV and either hate the commercials or love them.

He says he liked to buy a dealership cheap, and then sell it two years later for a big profit. v=ba Sg3s DJLOU&feature=related For Billy fans (ad for his New York car store): He's owned automobile dealerships in California, Nevada, New Mexico, and the Carolinas. He started his Fort Myers store last year and as luck would have it high gas prices, and a shall we say "huge" inventory of Kia vehicles have done well for Fuccillo. Caroline Renfro, the gal who never gets to finish the TV commercials before Billy says, "It's HUGE, Carolyn, It's HUGE," has been acting in the Fuccillo commercials for many years. C., and has done other car dealership commercials other than the "huge" ads for Fuccillo, including ads for a Greensboro, N. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights/where this goes downhill.

Exhibit A – this commercial was airing in May of 2016.

Many say they hate the ads with the "huge" tagline, but you have to admit, you can't forget it.


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