Army regulation for updating personnel records

We are committed to providing quality Human Resource Program Management, Technical Expertise, and Customer Focused services which support a first class full time force capable of meeting the State and Military missions of the New Jersey Army and Air National Guard.To reach an immediate family member serving on active duty in the military, contact the American Red Cross Emergency Communications Center.

An updated version of Army Regulation 600-8-22, Military Awards, was published June 25 and went into effect July 25.Here are some questions to keep in mind when performing this task: You should keep these questions in mind when going through your personnel files.Updating and cleaning out personnel files is much like keeping a computer running smoothly by periodically removing unnecessary files -- it is a chore, but it must be done.In some circumstances, personnel files can become evidence in a lawsuit brought against your company by an unhappy former employee or employees.

As a result, you should always ensure that certain documents are maintained and updated in your employees' personnel files in order to protect yourself.

The Red Cross will get information from you and relay it to the service member.


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