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Someone wanted to call it The Illusions, and we did. And man, could he play the organ and put on a show. I don’t remember our first gig, where it was, what we played or how we went over.

We were two showmen surrounded by good players, and the focus of the stage show. We became unique when we introduced material of Steve’s, as well as Jerry Merritt and Gene Vincent tunes. However, after we got going, we often rented our own hall, the Nob Hill Grange, advertised, and drew large crowds.

When a pupil in composition once brought him a particularly bad exercise, he burst out impatiently: "No one could write like that but a donkeyl" The pupil, offended, began to walk out, but Dvorak called after him, "Come back; you aren't a donkey." He was fond of playing cards, but if he had a streak of bad luck, he would lose his temper and throw his cards in the air.



If your bid is more than one bidding increment above the current high bid you will get a max bid unless another bidder has a max bid in place that is higher than the amount you enter.

Randy: I was 16 in 1965 when I met a boy named Chuck Funk, who was probably 15, in the Fruitvale district of Yakima, WA. One day, he said his neighbor, George Radford played sax and we should go jam with him. They had an upholstery shop with lots of room for playing music. I sang and played lead, Chuck played rhythm, and George, played sax. said he’d manage us, get us good equipment, and make us velvet outfits, and we could be the Velvet Illusions. I’m not sure what we were thinking.) Soon after, the band’s name was changed to the Velvet Illusions. Everyone told me to be the singer and guitar player, both.) With Steve, I was more than glad to share vocal duties.

It was or was not decided that very day (I don’t remember), but we decided to form a band. He had an Everly Brothers coolness and hipness: a true rock n’ roll voice, attitude and delivery. But the Vox Continental fit in with the Vox theme (I’m assuming we were already doin’ that). If you listen to “Acid Head,” the organ is not reedy-sounding, but deep-voiced, unlike a Farfisa.

It was undoubtedly this persistence of a childlike nature that continued to produce music of a special distinguishing charm and fundamental directness. tract with him with an option for life on his smaller works. sult was a greatly increased circulation of his music. He gave him valuable advice, and while Dvorak was in America devoted many hours to the revision of his proofs.

His friend Kovarik in New York restored peace by offering to use his own winnings to send a doll to Dvorak's youngest daughter in Vysoka. He would often leave an opera or a concert performance or even a reception when his bedtime came. These duets will tell you everything, and they should be a good 'selling article.' " The result of this was that Simrock at once published the vocal duets, and on the strength of the rising tide of Dvorak's popularity signed a con?"You can enter a new max bid at any time by entering a bid greater than your current high bid.


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