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The final tiny symbol after the "A" indicates the calendar year in which the printed sheet of beer cans was made. Breweries might buy a large lot of cans then fill them later.

American craft brewers tend to fight for freshness as a core attribute of their competitive difference.

Stone Brewing went so far as to name a beer (Enjoy By) after the best buy date! At Badger Hill we put the packaging date on the bottom of every can.

There are no stupid questions, just stupid people asking them. Then, if you still have a question (or simply want to profess your love), contact us. The sounds of the night will cease, the wind will shift, and then it will all become clear. We suggest switching your work schedule to Mondays and Tuesdays so we can maximize our time together.

We also started homebrewing and were surprised our beer was as good as Bass Ale!

We could tell fresher beer from less fresh beer but most American beer drinkers at that time had never tasted truly fresh ale that had been professionally produced unless they’d had it overseas.

On Monday, he reported specifically that Sierra Nevada’s Torpedo Extra IPA and Stone’s Go To IPA, as sold in the country, both come with code lengths of 365 days.

According to the marketing collateral belonging to the two companies, however, these two beers be consumed within 150 days (Sierra Nevada) and 120 days (Stone) respectively from the time of packaging.

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