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Wood used her body language skills to analyze 10 photos of Donald and Melania ranging from 1999, when the two were still just dating, all the way up to Inauguration Day, when #Free Melania started trending. She also mentioned the tension that appears in Melania's face.

"She was a model, so she should be comfortable in front of a camera," Wood said. I looked at other photos of her in other situations and she's more open.

When people are talking in romantic setting, sticking out the tongue can be a sign of lust. By oneself, pretty much the only thing the tongue can lick is the lips (although a more hidden way of this is licking the teeth).

Lip-licking may indicate desire, perhaps for another person and perhaps for food. Licking lips can also be an indicator of stress as the effects of tension reduce saliva flow and dry out the mouth.



Even though it looks like he's being casual, check out his leg and knee.Open palms usually have a positive effect on people. Combined with outstretched arms, it communicates acceptance, openness and trustworthiness.


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