Boomer dating


Add to that mix children if we have them, our work status and sche- dule, household finances and property, and any other kinships and responsibilities that we picked up along our way. For many of us facing boomer dating, these factors will all be major considera- tions, and possibly downright scary.



Recent years has shown that the senior population has become one of the more preyed upon with those running a scam.

Before jumping right into boomer dating, let's take a moment to get a good look at ourselves, including how others might see us. How soon did our last relationship end, and what were the circumstances?

Would others see us on the proverbial "rebound" and perhaps desperate, simply because we can't bear the thought of being on our own for too long?

“Fully 50 percent of our 50 members are accessing Match through their mobile device,” Amy Canaday of told NBC.

“This is as compared to roughly 60 percent for all Match users.” This age group also represents triple-digit growth on some of the more "trendy" urban dating apps, such as Coffee Meets Bagel.How different is boomer dating from teenage dating, or for that matter, even twenty- or thirty-something dating? What we looked for in a relationship 20-30 years ago probably bears little resemblance to what we're looking for now.


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