Boomers dating guide

Don’t misunderstand I’m not opposed to celebrating Valentines Day enthusiastically.

In fact I’ve already ordered flowers to be delivered to my sweetie so I don’t get shut out.



She told the world through her actions: My other friend, Martha*, was not so clearly aligned with her intention as Andrea.

They’re The Bomb I’m a big fan of boomer women, who I dated exclusively before meeting my extraordinary boomer partner.


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    Raycraft, Nevada's "Father of Wireless" ~ ~ Amateur Wireless Operation in Nevada ~ ~ America's First Radio Tour ~ ~ Nevada's Earliest Radio Broadcast Stations ~ was a 1922 promotional trek to expose the rural West to the possibilities of RADIO. All non-credited photos and all text on this webpage are property of Henry Rogers/Western Historic Radio Museum and are subject to copyright laws. Mackay is best known in Nevada as one of the "Big Four" of the Comstock, the mining district located in Virginia City, Nevada.

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