Cameron diaz dating prince harry

The singer’s top priority has always been her children.

Lopez recently revealed that that will never change.

And, rumors said that Camilla and Queen Elizabeth had already considered 'enough embarrassment to last a lifetime' and thus they are not willing to accept additional burden in their clan.

Also, Markle's previous marriage and divorce with producer and talent manager Trevor Engelson is a big turn off to them.

Sometimes, we can’t help but gaze dreamily at Cameron Diaz’ incredibly toned arms. Luckily, our Personal Trainer Ollie Frost has revealed the one top move for toning up your arms.

Don't think anyone saw this one coming, but apparently How I Met Your Mother puppetmaster Jason Segel and noted commitment-phobe Cameron Diaz were spotted on a date in the Hamptons, reports Life & Style.


If it was just banging, she wouldn't have to be around to make sure he bought kale and put the Cool Ranch Doritos back. Segel, 33, and Diaz, 40, both appeared together (and had an onscreen kiss) in Bad Teacher and reunited for the upcoming Sex Tape, in which they play a married couple whose (doy) sex tape leaks.

The identity of Prince Harry’s father was one of many rumors that circulated around Princess Diana during her lifetime.

This was because she was having an affair with cavalry officer James Hewitt about a year before Harry was born.

“You know, they’re always first,” Lopez says in a PEOPLE exclusive preview clip from her guest co-host stint on The Real.


It turns out that Prince Harry's ex was spotted with another former flame of the same name, Harry Wentworth-Stanley in London this past Saturday night.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been dating secretly since June this year.


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