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21-year-old former London College of Fashion student Vanessa Omoregie, has developed The Cam Girl Project, in which she melds these two worlds together in order to challenge the current perception of beauty and celebration.

On her website, Omoregie explains the project: “Cam Girls is an ongoing investigative project that looks at the female image, with themes that question beauty, the way in which women are perceived, ideas of censorship and how the internet and technology have had an effect on this.” In an interview with the Telegraph, Omoregie states “The project hopefully makes people rethink what they know about the term and how they view girls who choose to be in front of a camera -sexual or not.” By re-contextualizing both the images sent in by women for the project and the original paintings, the viewer is forced to decide if the female body should be celebrated, or debased as a physical object meant only for someone else’s pleasure.

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The prevalence of the female form has became commonplace and no longer revered.


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