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On the other hand, Sandy does have its limitations.It’s not intended to replace our support team or answer more advanced or specific questions.This allows any categories elsewhere with an explicit "topic" value of "ME" to match better than categories with the same patterns that are not given an explicit topic. This illustrates one mechanism whereby a botmaster can exercise precise control over a conversational flow. This June, Polly Portfolio launched Polly Chat, the first investment chat-bot, on Facebook Messenger.Polly Chat solicits client opinions on the latest headlines, provides feedback on their economic outlook, and explains how clients can best position themselves for that outlook. AIML includes a knowledge base of approximately 41,000 categories. Using the tag, which causes Alicebot to perform whatever it contains but hide the result from the user, the Alicebot engine will set the "topic" in its memory to "Me".


Also keep in mind that Sandy is very much a work in progress — and likely always will be.

On its own developer tools website, the company touts an "integrated set of application development and business intelligence tools that supports any development approach, any technology platform, and any operating system." Put another way, Oracle wants to be your go-to cloud development platform, whether you use Oracle databases or not.


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