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Can you explain a bit more about what prv Sid is overall what this is suppose to do? It will only show user icon for the first message for that user. and moved code to the controller instead of using using the "controller As syntax", provides the .(dot) notations (see link above).Which is the best practice to avoid issues with child scope creating their own variables. for Each is a built-in javascript function for looping through an array.I have a ng-repeat where i am checking a if condition and at the end of each repeation of loop i am setting a variable to a value from ng-repeat Here is my variable which i want to set inside the ng-repeat The problem which i am facing here is that whenever i print these values inside the ng-repeat then prv Sid and chat Data.sender_id is printing the same id the value of chat Data.sender_id even for the first iteration and that's why this and chat Data.sender_id has some id in it The purpose of this is to Henry Zou the purpose is to not show profile picture for two or more messages submitted by same user (if the sender_id is same)Then dont display the profile image.When the new message comes from another sender which means sender_id is different then show the profile image at first the prv Sid will be null so it will show the image because condition will not match at the end of each iteration i will set the prv Sid to the current iteration sender_id to match this prv_id with sender_id in the next iteration i am also getting messages after two seconds and then i am adding the new records in the chatboxdata if they dont exist in it the problem is that these variables are "live". You are always evaluating the last (stable) value in ngif.Whether she's nude or clothed (though it seems she prefers the former), Rihanna exudes an unmatched sexiness that translates in her music and videos.

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