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In the end, however, just seven men set out on the demonstration, preceded by a police van with flashing red lights and riot grilles over its windows.Six police officers were on hand to ensure that passions did not boil over on the streets of Tokyo."Men already have to spend vast amounts of money to be popular with women and this concept is being encouraged by large corporations to fill their own pockets," Mr Watanabe complained.As he unfurled a banner that read "Smash St Valentine's Day," the unmarried Mr Watanabe said he expected "at least 20 and probably a lot more" protesters to join the march through the fashionable Shibuya shopping district of the Japanese capital."There is a system of discrimination in place in Japan now by which the value of a man is measured by how many gifts of chocolate he receives from women." Traditionally, women give men gifts on St Valentine's Day in Japan, while men are expected to return the favour on "White Day", on March 14, an occasion dreamed up by Japan's confectionery industry in 1978 to boost sales.Mr Watanabe – wearing a white helmet and a crocheted pink scarf to disguise the lower part of his face – is indignant at the injustice of a social convention that is promoted by chocolate companies for their own benefit, and at Japanese for swallowing it.This is why the Elite Singles platform was created. By completing our personality test and outlining your relationship criteria, we are able to send you 3-7 compatible matches a day of San Diego singles you actually want to be meeting.You can also have a look at member profiles through the 'Have you met....' feature and see who takes your fancy.


Finding love should be an exciting, fun adventure not a difficult struggle.The protest march was organised by a group called Kakuhido, which translates roughly as the Revolutionary Alliance of Men that Women Find Unattractive.


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    Five weeks later some of her remains were discovered in a bin bag near Solna, north of Stockholm, and close to the Department of Forensic Medicine at the Karolinska Institute.

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