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It seems like Cam couldn’t hold it in any longer and he shared the news with fans.Erin Stevens never imagined what God had in store for her at the end of her 21-day fast for a new church building.You see, it's one thing to welcome the worst of sinners into our midst, showing them the love of God, introducing them to Jesus, and being patient with them as we grow.Cam Newton passing the ball in a preseason game against the New York Jets in 2012. Britt/Flickr/Creative Commons " data-medium-file=" After finishing the season 15-1, he led the Panthers through the post season to a seat at the Super Bowl.Instead of money or land, she got a command from God to "go feed the strippers." Wife of Tennessee pastor Todd Stevens, and mother of three young boys, Erin was bewildered.



He is the author of 25 books and hosts the nationally syndicated, daily talk radio show, the Line of Fire. He could not believe what he had just seen at a birthday party for a pastor's wife. I received a text from this friend during my radio show, so I called him as soon as the show was over. Please understand that the man calling me was no Christian prude.

But I never go in with a Bible or a gospel tract—I just go in to love those girls unconditionally.


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