Consolidating domains


In the vast majority of cases, Windows Server 2008 domain controllers are simply added to existing domains, or some of the existing Windows Server 2003 domain controllers may be upgraded to Windows Server 2008.

These types of migrations will require you to update the Active Directory schema, and you may have to do some application compatibility testing, but aside from that the actual implementation process is easy and straightforward.

Additionally, the timeline was very aggressive, requiring all work to be completed in under 14 days.

DMC accomplished what typically takes 3 weeks for a project of this size in only 8 days!

In the end though, they can be very rewarding because you end up with an Active Directory structure that is specifically tailored to meet your needs.

Of course this idea of restructuring an Active Directory is nothing new.

He has kindly consented to contribute to the blog– I know you will like it.

Earl Perkins ————————————————————————————- By Andrew Walls Active Directory is everywhere.

To date, the most complex environment I have encountered is at a global organization with 138 forests operating on every major release of AD since Windows NT. When AD was first released, it was seen as an extension of Windows Workgroups and was implemented as a departmental, localized solution.

The Active Directory was designed to be flexible from the very beginning, but restructuring has gotten progressively easier from one version of Windows to the next.

This is helpful if you find yourself in the middle of a corporate merger, or if you just decide that your current Active Directory design isn’t getting the job done.

This is both a testimonial to the success of Microsoft’s product management strategy and a challenge for any enterprise that wants to build a unified AD environment.

Consolidation of AD forests and domains is the single most frequent topic raised in inquiry concerning Active Directory.This required migrating 160 mailboxes from Exchange 2010 on-premise to Winsight’s existing Office 365 tenant which included 150 existing mailboxes.


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