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Hi, I'm a new synogoy user and am having trouble migrating my i Tunes library to it.When consolidating the library onto the NAS I receive an error 50 message. Are there any other side effects or things that I should consider? So, if you don't have 51GB free, you might not be able to complete the operation. Will it take all album art work / playcounts / ratings with it? Note that Consolidating does not move files; it copies them to the specified location.I was told that Tune Up was probably the program that I was looking for, but unfortunately it only works for a PC and not a Mac, though a Mac version is forthcoming.I’m a little reticent of the fact that it is a monthly fee based program rather than regular pay and play type one.I noticed the consolidate library function which I guess puts all my music in one folder. Most folks consolidate for one of two reasons: first, they want to move their "i Tunes Music" folder (to another drive, or to another location on the same drive), and this method retains playcounts, ratings, etc. Trying to cut corners will mess it up, and you'll risk losing all/most of the info you hope to retain.


Our Support team will provide the correct patch for your Disk Station model.

what the consolidate library does is take files from different locations and put them in one master location.


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