Conversation in sexchat in english


Do note, this is not a sex conversation between a husband and wife. πŸ˜‰ Cheers, Jammy β€”β€”β€”X——–Xβ€”β€”β€” Date: 7 January, 2017 Time: 7.15 pm IST From: Rekha [[email protected]] To: Jammy [[email protected]] Subject: Re: Re: Late? BTW, hope you have dropped the cheque, sorted out the water heater, and taken the Demand Draft in my father’s name?

To be honest, we are married, and hence this is anything but a sex chat. Regards, Rekha β€”β€”β€”X——–Xβ€”β€”β€” Date: 7 January, 2017 Time: 7.29 pm IST From: Jammy [[email protected]] To: Rekha [[email protected]] Subject: Re: Re: Re: Late? Was just enquiring…for our daughter Rhea will be home alone till we reach.

Lifelike dolls, artificial sex organs and sex-chat phone lines have been keeping the lonely company for decades.

But Roxxxy takes virtual companionship to a new level.

Please understand that to make it an interesting read I have included a few fight scenes, a few romance scenes and a few song and dance sequences.

Their conversations play out via a tele-type scroll made from free text-to-speech software with their characters portrayed by two CGI stock dolls resembling Lego characters with dapper tufts of plastic hair and well-placed fig leaves.


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