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Sofia Vergara and British singer Craig David had a very short relationship back in 2003 and broke up after a short time.The Modern Family actress was said to be busy with work at LA and the two couldn’t spend time with each other.He's hoping to replicate his first time success both here and in the US, but accepts it may take time. Hits are a pension, but I don't want to rest on those songs.He says: 'I'm young - I'm only 27 now - and I've got a new record and I'm excited.'If this album just starts the ripple to which I drop a next record, then that's what it's all about. The route to longevity has always been to be able to ride the lows. I want to have a future.' Craig, who owns a home in Miami as well as a north-London penthouse, hopes to return to the US with his band for a concert tour later this year.Last month an insider told The Mirror: “Cheryl and Craig are fans of each other’s work.Cheryl listened to Craig’s earlier work as a teenager and also likes his new material.The mystery brunette, who had slipped on a black string bikini for the day, enjoyed a playful afternoon with the multi-platinum selling artist, giggling flirtatiously as he hosed her down with water.

The formerly-skinny star looks nothing like the 19-year-old chart topper we first saw in 2000.

The Sun reports that the two struck up a close friendship after Craig appeared on ‘The X-Factor’ to perform with Cheryl’s act Reggie N Bollie during the December final.

A source told the newspaper, “The atmosphere was electric when they met on the X Factor set.”More: Cheryl Fernandez-Versini Concerned Intimate Marriage Details Could Be On Ex Husband's Lost Phone“Cheryl has needed fun and friendship in recent months and Craig has given her that.

Craig David was recently spotted hanging around with a girl.

But any speculations about a new girlfriend were quickly dispelled.

However a rep for Cheryl denied the claims, telling The Mirror there was nothing going on between the pair and adding, "Cheryl only met and spoke to Craig at X Factor”.


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