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Whether you are looking for new friends or that someone special the Senior Dating Agency can help you find your perfect partner online.On The Senior Dating Agency you can add your profile and pictures for FREE and is 100% safe & secure.The plans include: *The demolition of the waterfront Haven Hotel at Sandbanks and the construction of a 20 storey apartment block of up to 300 properties on the three-acre site *A 7,000 square foot restaurant called the Jurassic Eye at the top of the building *A new 150-200 bed hotel on the site of the Sandbanks Hotel *A new 50-bed boutique hotel and spa on the current Harbour Heights Hotel location at Canford Cliffs.


The scale of the Haven plan is likely to be controversial. Ken Sanson, Chairman of the Sandbanks Association, said: "As residents will know, there have been numerous plans submitted by both Eddie Mitchell and Richard Carr over the past 10 years, which must be approved by Borough of Poole before they can be carried out. I will also need to speak with the rest of the members of the residents' association as to whether we will be putting forward any formal objection to the plans." Cllr May Haines, who represents the Canford Cliffs ward, said that she will be attending the public consultation, which takes place at the Haven Hotel between 2pm-7pm on November 24.One of the flaws related to the web browser meant clicking on the wrong web content could give hackers access to off-limits areas.The security flaws also include two cases where applications could take over the device completely.The latest i Phone, i Pad and i Pod touch software, i OS 10.2.1, is an important one.

Over a dozen security vulnerabilities are described in Apple's i OS 10.2.1 release, including 11 focused around the browser engine behind Safari, the App Store, and lots of i OS apps.If you have a mobile device and walk 5000 steps each day, why not enter the Lucozade Made to Move daily prize draws too?



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    Theology of marriage and the problems of mixed marriages The final report of the Roman Catholic-Lutheran-Reformed study commission, 1971-1977, on the topic of mixed marriages, from the World Alliance of Reformed Churches.

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