Dating aphrodite book

Dating Aphrodite: Modern Adventures in the Ancient World By Luke Slattery ABC Books, 270pp, .95 (hardback) The dust is blown off a powerful and much neglected part of our cultural heritage, writes Michael Mc Girr.


Then Slattery is off to Ithaca, the home Odysseus took so long to reach.

But this online dating lark; it’s tough, doing things by the book… Because dating's a mine-field and knowledge is power.

Aeacus, Angelos, Apollo, Ares, Artemis, Athena, Dionysus, Eileithyia, Enyo, Eris, Ersa, Hebe, Helen of Troy, Hephaestus, Heracles, Hermes, Minos, Pandia, Persephone, Perseus, Rhadamanthus, the Graces, the Horae, the Litae, the Muses, the Moirai, or the Titans, the Cyclopes, the Meliae, the Erinyes (Furies), the Giants, the Hekatonkheires.

He weaves his elegant dis­cussions of the stories and per­sonalities of the ancient world into the narrative of his own wanderings on classic soil.

At Gallipoli, near the Site of an­cient Troy, he introduces us to The Iliad.Nearing the end of year 12, he thought he had at last found the means to put the old man well and truly off his cornflakes.


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