Dating ball ideal jars


Additionally, Ball bought out numerous competitors over the years.

For a long time, the ubiquity of Ball jars prevented them from being particularly desirable in the eyes of collectors.

The roots of the Ball Glass Manufacturing Company go back to 1880, when Frank and Edmund Ball of Buffalo, New York, purchased the Wooden Jacket Can Company.

More than 41 million gross (5 billion 904 million) canning jars were produced by the Ball Glass Company between 18.

If you have some old Ball canning jars laying around, they might all look the same at firsts, but there are ways of determining their approximate age.

Over the years the script/lettering that is embossed on the jars has changed and this can help you pinpoint what era any particular jar is from.

As one of the most common fruit jars, they are readily available.


The value of an antique Ball jar may be of a more sentimental nature as most jars are not worth a significant amount.By 1885 zinc caps were made, and in 1898 the first aluminum lids were produced.


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