Dating gold hallmarks

Hallmarks on silver were first introduced in the UK in 1300 as a method of proving that the silver object contained the correct amount of silver, since pure silver is a very soft metal and consequently any object made from silver requires some base metal to be added to it to strengthen it.

In these early days it was not uncommon for silver objects to be melted down and converted into coinage, and so it was imperative that the silver used was of a sufficient grade, especially with continental silver containing a much lower percentage of silver. Any piece of silver had to be officially approved to be of a high enough silver content, and would be given it’s hallmark only when this was the case.

Curious as to how we determine the dates on many of our pieces?

We are fortunate enough to have obtained a handful of old catalogs and internal documents pertaining to the hallmarksused by the Georg Jensen Silversmithy.

When Buying Antique Silver Use The Following Checklist 1. Whilst you are on the Wheathills site why not visit our beautiful Marquetry Memory Box section, they are like no other in the world.




In some cases, some items on the resale market are an amalgamation of Georg Jensen items and either original silver work, or the silver work of other companies.Never be frightened to ask the dealer questions, as all reputable dealers are more than willing to help.


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