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It wasn’t a Groupon, or a punch card; it was from the back of a receipt.The cashier applied the coupon, which lowered the total to , and he paid with a . As we walked out of the place with our to-go sandwiches I couldn’t help but think, if it were me, I would have shared my good fortune and split the coupon between us.Not at our relationship, or how my work (or her studying habits for that matter) have gotten in the way of a little romancing or anything, but because I finally caved in and forced myself to acknowledge sites like Groupon and Goldstar more ;) Every month this year, I have taken the Mrs.out on a surprise date where all she knew was the (though if you ask her she’ll say “casual” isn’t good enough ;)). Here are the 3 dates we’ve adventured on so far: So why should you care about all this?Rejecting a date because someone is using Groupon is like buying a pair of nice shoes, but since it’s 50% off, now you don’t want it anymore PMkpfl K — Confuse-ius..action_button.action_button:active.action_button:hover.action_button:focus,.action_button:hover.action_button:focus .count,.action_button:hover .count.action_button:focus .count:before,.action_button:hover .count:bullet.


Because unlike when I thought these deal sites were just trying to steal my money and hand over one red velvet cupcake after another, I had no idea they also offered up life experiences as well. But if you’re the distinct opposite of that – and I think most of you are – then consider this *one more* thing in your romantic arsenal to help woo that lucky lady/man in your life And at a discounted price at that!

If you didn’t, you probably went on to date someone else. It’s similar to how your drop-in and Groupon visitors are dating your studio.

These single-visit students come in, check you out and decide if there’s a reason to see you again.

(Especially with Goldstar – they specialize in getting people to go out more, I think they’re my new fave.) So while I still think you end up spending more money than you intend with these types of sites over time, I must admit there’s definitely some power in doing it RIGHT.

Especially when it involves being nice to your significant other and/or spicing up your lives ;) Cuz in cases like these you not only get the rush of a new adventure out on town, but you ALSO get a similar rush back at home in the bedroom if you know what I’m saying! ) And if there’s one thing you can’t put a price tag on, it’s that incredible feeling of I purchased a hot air ballooning trip through Groupon.

This sounds obvious, but the problem is that many studio owners fail to give their single-visit students a reason to stick around.


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