Dating mccoy pottery marks


or West Germany (where space is short this is sometimes abbreviated to germ). Occasionally where space is limited numbers are placed on two lines and sometimes W Germany was ommitted .

Foreign was sometimes used where a product was produced for export.

The form number markings are always 3 digits long and followed by the height to the nearest cm (with one exception form 405 which is marked as 13.5cm).

Most Scheurich items have no company mark, just numbers and W.

Like many ceramic works, pieces from Haeger Potteries can be identified through distinctive marks and characteristics, including the name of the manufacturer.

This page will explore known Van Briggle Pottery marks used by the company over the years.

If you pick up a piece of pottery and it has identifying marks such as a name or logo, you can easily determine the maker. This is a good place to start to identify the country of origin, if it is not shown.



Sometimes these bottom marks are glaze obscured or partially ground off of the bottom.

Have you ever wondered why some people turn every piece of pottery over and look at the bottom?


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