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Say goodbye to endless swiping, tiresome algorithms and meaningless chit chat.

Super Date is bringing people together in a meaningful way, getting people offline to have the type of real life experiences that lead to meaningful relationships. By matching through activities, you will know you have something in common, have an easy way to reach out, and more importantly, a clear path to get offline to have fun doing the things that you love. You browse through activities in your area and join any that interest you.

DINING | MUSIC | NATURE Most people like good food, good music and good company but what says more about you is those less common interests; your real passions.

Whether it’s craft beer, theatre or badminton, there are other people out there who are into that same thing.


You have full control over the offers that are displayed.The “remember me” option lets customers pay with just a click, without having to remember their credit card details.Forget about redirecting to 3rd-party services and let customers pay securely right on your website.Along with the usual demographic analysis, Ru says that sequencing — as in, the timing of store openings — is a huge part of Sweetgreen's real estate strategy.

"How we enter a market is just as important as how many stores we do." In New York, for example, Sweetgreen's first store was at 28th and Broadway in the increasingly chic No Mad neighborhood.There is a Sweetgreen — the fast casual salad chain that people stand in lines for like it's a new i Phone — about 10 blocks north of the Tech Insider office.


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