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The nickname sticks though, even if they no longer physically bear any resemblance to it.Another common source is names of animals, or even from the sounds animals make.Suttida already had a baby girl from a failed relationship with old Thai boyfreind while Praewa was single.Both Thai women received visas to travel to Australia with their Australian relationship partners and arrived in Perth within six weeks of each other in early 2013.Areeya Chumsai was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the United States, the daughter of Thai immigrants.She spent her childhood and adolescent years in the state of Michigan and received a degree in journalism from Michigan State University in 1993.She went on to compete in the Miss Universe pageant held in the Philippines, placing 13th overall; and recipient of the "Best Kodak Smile." During her reign as Miss Thailand, she began working as a model, actress, and emcee.


Within a year, she qualified for the Miss Thailand pageant and won the crown in 1994.Both Australian men were from Perth Australia although from different backgrounds.And that is where the fairytale end as both relationships were destined to have very different outcomes.Just over four years ago two Thai women joined an internet dating site on the same night and became online friends. In fact their two Australian boyfriends arrived in Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi just ten days apart prior to Christmas in 2011.


The two couples even met for night out during that period.

Just about every Thai person has a nickname by which they are known informally, given to them by their parents at birth.


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