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offers you a full list of editor picks for romantic dining with impressive cuisine and service.

By Grub Street Picking the right restaurant for dinner is always important.

Maybe you want a sit-down place with flattering lighting, or maybe you'd prefer a festive taco spot that offers some distraction should things go south.

No matter your dating style, here are the best date restaurants in New York City. At Anita Lo's elegant flagship, the room, with its neutral colors and spare decorations, manages to be elegant without feeling ostentatious.

42 Grove Street, 212-255-3590, newyork.Whether you opt for more casual bites and drinks in the Tavern–nab a coveted seat at the bustling bar if you can–or go for a more formal meal in the Dining Room, you'll be rewarded with friendly service, vibrant fresh floral displays, and hearty yet refined cooking by Chef Michael Anthony. Owner and restaurateur Danny Meyer has eliminated tipping from all of his establishments, so you can let the wine really flow.42 East 20th Street, 212-477-0777, While the decor of this family-owned midtown French restaurant couldn't be any more romantic–thanks to deep red banquettes, mirrored walls, and the famously lush floral arrangements–what keeps the dining room packed night after night is the kitchen's commitment to classic, time-tested dishes like buttery Dover sole, silky foie gras terrine, and light-as-air soufflés.3 East 52nd Street, 212-752-1495, Don't be fooled by the unassuming exterior and relatively quiet pocket of Williamsburg, because this highly acclaimed Italian restaurant by Missy Robbins is a sure bet.

In true Brooklyn fashion, the design is understated but chic, with a wood-beamed ceiling, concrete floors, and white walls.

From the warm atmosphere of the restaurant and the robust freshness of flavor bursting from the food, every detail of your meal has been carefully crafted to perfection. With its simple, fashionable décor and comfortable setting, Amelie is the place to go when you want to celebrate the depth of the friendship fueling your relationship.


"Date night" can take many forms, whether you're just getting to know someone or are out for your weekly "WE NEED TO KEEP THIS ALIVE" outing.While the space is certainly a looker, it's Robbins's irresistible, handmade pastas (like her Rigatoni Diavola and Pink Peppercorn Mafaldini) that keep Lilia perpetually packed.567 Union Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-576-3095, First off, reservations are a must (you can't enter the restaurant without one), so simply being here feels exclusive.


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