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You can't really get lost in the Archive, so we recommend just clicking on any button or link that seems interesting.The Fanfare Archive is a massive effort, and we couldn't do it without the many sharp-eyed readers who point out problems and offer solutions.Slim-fitting light wash jeans emphasised her trim pins, while the shorter hemline drew attention to a pair of black fishnet tights.


All comments, suggestions and criticisms are most welcome! We try to remove all egregious errors before publication, but some inevitably remain.

Whenever you're looking to really express your feelings of anger or passion, a swear word can sometimes come in useful as an extra added punch.

They can help you exclaim, punctuate, intimidate, aggravate, and amuse – not bad when you consider most of them are only four letters long.

Words like s***, t***, c*** and f*** might be considered controversial, but according to wordsmiths they are a fascinating feature of the English language.


Their many benefits are celebrated by Countdown's Susie Dent, 52, who explores the origins of swearwords in a new online series for All4.Click any link on this page, and you'll soon find a wealth of information and opinions about tens of thousands of LP, CD, SACD, DVD, and Blu-Ray recordings of Classical, Jazz, and Film music that have been reviewed in Fanfare.


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