Dating tuco puzzles


Sometimes it's an image from a movie, or perhaps a special children's book character; for me, it is a picture on a zigsaw puzzle. I was only able to accumulate a few descriptive lines regarding this painter.


On the back of one painting was information that the artist had spent time in both places.

Kane, Part II (Lapides); General Member Meeting Minutes; Counter Space: Older Hats (Saunders); Finding Treasures in “Unexpected Places,” Part II (Epstein); Adventure Games (Ellerbe); Properly Packing Boxes (Bensch); Plugged Dice (Horn); Members’ Ads Cover: 7500 Strong-Anne Williams; President’s Message; An Unexpected Gift!

: Election Game; Editor’s Note; Email Correspondence; 2014 AGPC Convention Update; Flour, Flowers, & Photography (Whitehill); Eventful: The Strong; Puzzle Parley XII Agenda; Curious Corey Games (Epstein); Crocheting Connections Germane to the Game of Dr.

Often, the paintings have figures with dress that looks more European than American. With all the collecting I have done, the artist remains a mystery to me.

I am still actually confused as to whether the F is for Frances or Francis and I have seen both.

They’re hand-held, cheese-filled (typically) portable pockets of deliciousness. Coalfire Pizza I know, I had you at “pizza.” Coalfire offers thin-crust coal-fired pizza that is delectable and comes out super quick.


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