Dating vintage gillette razors


However, the one smooth band on the lower portion of the handle and notched center bar leads me to believe this razor was manufactured between 1948-'51.

This razor is absolutely stunning and operates perfectly.

Want to impress your friends, show them this vintage beauty.

There is no date code stamped on the underside of this razor.


Models before the 1940s are quality make, but are mostly screw-on heads, which don't work 2. Other brands such as GEM and Schick were produced, but Gillette held several important patents, and produced the butterfly-opening razors which are the most desirable. The best models are the butterfly-opening type, and the nicest to start with are the adjustable models.

Modern razors rely on the first blade pulling the hair (and subsequent blades cutting the hair afterwards) which can lead to infection of the hair follicle.

Vintage, double-edge razors have a single blade that cuts the hair, which is less irritating to the follicle.

Although the clean-shaven look has been in style periodically since at least the 12th Egyptian Dynasty, or around 2000 B.


C., the earliest recognizable razors date to the 17th century in Europe.

I chose 18k gold because the color looks most like the original finish that Gillette used.


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