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These are all the sort of things Jaxn lists as the benefits to dating a single mum. ☺✊🏾 #blackboyjoy @sunkissedj84 @sassymami1981 A post shared by Self Love Ambassador (@derrickjaxn) on 1. Not that there’s anything wrong with single mums hitting up the clubs, but she’s not going to be out every night because she has a child to look after. If you’re also a single parent, she’s not going to be judgmental and will understand the unique challenges you face. You get an upfront preview of what kind of mother she would make to your kid.A single mum will definitely know how to cook and have some go-to recipes under her belt, “because she had a child that needs to eat, right? She is no stranger to spending within a budget, because most women with children have had to make a dollar stretch at some point. Her child is a reflection of her, so if that child is kind, well mannered, and taken care of, that’s a great sign. She’s already financially independent and has her own hustle going on — she’s not going to solely rely on you. She’s unlikely to leave at the first sign of trouble because not only is she invested, so is her child.The team over at au collated them, below, and to say they leave us cold is probably an understatement.They’re centred around the out dated and sexist idea that a woman’s primary role is to look after her children and the men in her life while a man is waited on, hand and foot.

She has society judge her like she committed a heinous crime.

I am not looking to be rescued You may imagine that because I am raising a child alone, I am looking for a man to rescue me.


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