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If you've got time before or after your visit to Bike Week, check out some of the amusing and unusual sights near Daytona Beach and recommended by the editors of Roadside We also offer an informative blog "Trunkations" where we rant and rave, report news and events, and occasionally recommend what we suspect might interest you.Daytona usually attracts a few more enthusiasts than Sturgis, but when there are some 500,000 rumbling motorcycles in town, who keeps counting?This is the annual pilgrimage, the winter bust-out so many true motorcyclists have been waiting months for, chomping at the bit to ride into warm sunshine again.Guthrie pointed out that the high number of trauma patients mean more beds and space are occupied and staffing is maximized."Typically, we're at capacity through that week," Guthrie said.


If you are planning a visit to see Bike Week and would like to view a map of Daytona Beach, FL, please use our Roadside America Attractions Map. We will be set up at Daytona International Speedway.


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