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AP: With the success of the Kickstarter [campaign], it’s almost been frustrating to explain it to people who haven’t been following the plot for all of these years about how genuine my relationship with my audience really is.It feels like a long-term friendship that’s gone through many permutations and chance encounters.Her historic Kickstarter campaign is the most funded musical project in the crowdfunding site's history – nearly doubling the total of her closest contemporary – with pledges of up to ,000 for a private dinner. 19, Palmer discussed Theatre is Evil, the power of the Web, and her cross to bear.Austin Chronicle: Whether it’s on You Tube or Twitter, you seem to have a really personal and ongoing relationship with your audience.It’s a very real and unmanufactured relationship between me and all of these people that have followed what I’ve been going through as an artist.AC: How do you balance it all: the time you need to uphold that constant engagement and the focus you need as an artist? I think the way that I approach my life and time and how I choose to spend an hour of downtime is probably just cosmically different than a normal person might spend theirs.(Book review #1 – original post @ Cannonball Read 8) As a fan of The Dresden Dolls for over ten years and an avid reader, I was over the moon when I heard that Amanda Palmer was going to write a book.Even moreso when I heard that it was going to be along the same lines of work that the amazing Brené Brown (who actually wound up writing the Foreword to this book).


Interspersed with the history are snippets of her courtship and life with Neil and am evolving explanation of Anthony and the myriad ways he was her rock, her mirror, her best friend, her mentor to life.

In the Realistic Theater of Illusion, he argued, the spectator tended to identify with the characters on stage and become emotionally involved with them rather than being stirred to think about his own life.



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