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It says: “Where an amount of arrears in respect of a period before the contract was set up is paid at the time the annuity starts, we would not consider that the ‘amount of the annuity’ had decreased, if the amount paid in respect of the earlier period was paid at the same rate pro rata as the payments made going forward.“For the avoidance of doubt, our guidance set out in the Registered Pension Schemes Manual...is not affected by this clarification.“The entitlement to the lifetime annuity still arises when all the necessary steps have been taken.Already claims-management companies and ‘no win, no fee’ law firms have taken to online advertising, specifically targeting backdated holiday pay claims – all after those lucrative class actions, ready to change their fortunate after the impact of the Employment Tribunal fees system.Employers simply cannot afford to take their eye off the ball on this.Betsy said she was too emotional to go into the details of the conversation between them but said: 'I thought it took a lot of courage to call me - he had impugned my character for so long, so badly.He hoped he would damage my reputation permanently.In the wake of his shocking doping confession to Oprah Winfrey, Lance Armstrong's former teammate and two women he verbally abused, today accused the cyclist of lying and said his admissions are not enough.


This year, though, Sonsini's 40th with the Palo Alto firm of Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, he's found himself shoved uncomfortably into the spotlight.Some newspaper readers first learned his name in July, when it appeared in articles about the options-backdating scandal.



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