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Just like the own maintenance of my hair, I’m extremely picky about who gets their hands on my brows!

Not only do they have to be treated with love, but if you screw them up, it takes forever to grow back.

Originally posted to You Tube on Valentine’s Day, coinciding with the movie’s release: FEARLESS kicks off our “Becoming FEARLESS” podcast discussing “Fifty Shades of Grey” with real-life BDSM professional dom, Master Arcane (Crow Academy.com, Arcane Advice.com) Arcane teaches men & women his style and school of BDSM play all over the world.

Arcane talks with us about the dangers as well as the positives of “50 Shades of Grey” in relation to real-life BDSM, the BDSM world as seen from the inside – on the other side of the looking glass – and how to experiment and get involved in safe and healthy ways.

And I wanted to start living my best life while I was still alive.When Louann and I recently reconnected, she said she still believes this is true — if not worsening as society becomes more technology dependent.In the absence of IRL interaction, the anthropological cues that help women determine the safety and desirability of a potential partner are eliminated.And as most of you already know, “the ugly stage” isn’t all that cute.

In other words, you have to be extremely patient and let them grow out all over again.

After doing some research, I recently came across a really cool brand by the name of “Browlash,” specifically for the eyebrows.



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