Feed not updating

Why aren’t my new episodes showing up in the i Tunes store?

Because many listeners use i Tunes for podcasts, these are common concerns we hear about from Podbean podcasters.

It can take i Tunes up to two weeks to accept a feed to the i Tunes store.

If you have not heard from them about the acceptance of your RSS feed, please reach out to them directly.

For example, even though people are less likely to interact with articles about a serious current event or sad news from a friend, that isn’t necessarily an indication that Facebook users don’t want it in their News Feed.

Not everything is likeable, or couth to comment on.

As a hosting provider, we do not have any influence over when i Tunes refreshes their cache and updates your podcast.


From Sound Cloud’s end, we can only recognize that the changes have been made in your RSS feed properly.

For new submissions to i Tunes: If you have recently submitted your podcast to i Tunes, please visit your Podcasts Connect account to check the submission status and any possible errors*.



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