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The guide below is intended to help those trying to prepare their game to install Alexander, OR to install Patch 1.5 for online play.

Those running RTW purchased from Steam do not need to worry about patching.

First it will get stuck at updating component registration, and after around 40mins it will start downloading C:/..Please note that this thread is purely a user-based effort.Playing vanilla RTW online requires version 1.5 of Rome Total War.In any case, you're always better off reading supplied installation instructions. I'm new to Duke (or old but haven't played it for years). The source code was released in 2003 and after that we've had a few ports with which you can play the game on new operating systems without any video/audio issues. It's recommended that you play a map the way its author intended. The original three-episode (Hollywood Holocaust, Lunar Apocalypse and Shrapnel City) Duke3D release is v1.3d.

It is also possible to play usermaps via the Megaton Edition but this requires you to modify the game's launch options ("-map") on Steam but this is a rather clumsy way, not to mention you'd playing usermaps via an inferior port. A four-episode (the three original episodes plus The Birth) Duke3D known as "Atomic Edition" (v1.4) was released later. you got a cd rom version of the game and that use safedisc.


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