Finished updating 9 plus

Apple has just released i OS 9.3 for i Phone, i Pad and i Pod touch, which includes several new features and improvements such as Night Shift mode, ability to secure notes with Touch ID and lots more.

If you want to install i OS 9.3 software update and need help, then follow our step-by-step guide below.

Like the i OS 9 became available at PDT (San Francisco), EDT (New York), BST (London) and 03.00 AEST (Sydney, Sept 17), and, again, like clockwork, some people ran into problems."Software Update Failed" is the current unwelcome error message greeting folks in the midst of downloading the software, reverting them back i OS 8. There are some simple tricks if you're running into this problem updating to i OS 9.

There are two ways we got around the "Software Update Failed" error message when updating to i OS 9 today. Apple's servers are currently under a lot of pressure, rolling out today's operating system change to millions of i Phones and i Pads worldwide. The second solution is to go old-school by manually downloading the software to your phone or tablet.

Please replace this feature if it was removed, seems like such basic feature to help us who have low vision.

Please continue reading the Detailed Upgrade Instructions.

The i Phone 6 and i Phone 6 Plus do not come cheap, so those who buy these i Phones expect their units to last at least quite a long time before they upgrade.



The Error 53 that’s plaguing the whole i Phone 6 community is caused by two things: the heartless i OS 9 update and an unauthorized non-Apple repair.

Update: Apple has released i OS 9.3.2 for bug fixes and security improvements.

So please install the latest i OS 9.3.2 software update instead of i OS 9.3.

Since he needed the i Phone for work, he had to take it to a local non-Apple store (because of the lack of Apple support centers) and have it fixed.

The store did quite well and fixed the home button and the screen.

This requires a USB lightning cable, a computer and i Tunes.


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