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There’s loads of similarities, but I thought I’d point out a couple of features that make Bumble get the gong ahead of Tinder.

I can’t comment on the girls-seeking girls section, but for the girls seeking guys section, this is true.

They’re able to pull off miracles,” Patterson says.Here are Lopez’s 10 tips to prevent the stress of financial troubles from negatively affecting your relationship: 1.Understand your spouse’s relationship with money Try to understand your spouse’s relationship with money.After a persuasive start on Monday with , a pithy little piece written by Nancy Harris.


Casting is all, and pitting Sheridan Smith as Jenny, a schoolteacher from Rotherham unhappily transplanted to Shepherds Bush, against Neil Maskell's brutish City "buy-side trader" Nick was a disunion made in heaven.

Awards: The Contenders They rely heavily on the collaboration of artisans and craftspeople: Lighting designers working with choreographers, costume designers working with hair and makeup artists, and executive producers making sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.


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