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v=EY3v Jz GIxu4 Awesome remix [] [CHAT] Dorumin: ye [] [CHAT] Slender Mario X: Listen to it doru [] [CHAT] Dorumin: im married [] [CHAT] Dorumin: to a lot of people tbh [] [CHAT] Slender Mario X: really [] [CHAT] Animefanlt01: fusion is love fusion is life [] [JOIN] Kerbin has warped into the Crystal Palace [] [QUIT] ノバックパープ has warped out [] [CHAT] Slender Mario X: Jasper like fusion now [] [CHAT] Hynza: yoooo [] [CHAT] Hynza: whaddup kerbin [] [CHAT] Slender Mario X: I bet she have a crush on lapis [] [CHAT] Animefanlt01: ye [] [CHAT] Sharayna: ew [] [CHAT] Hynza: do people still ship things unironically [] [CHAT] Dorumin: (sassy) is tempted to make Weird Al reference [] [CHAT] Dorumin: ^ [] [CHAT] Slender Mario X: Hey Doru you need to go in a mental hospital [] [CHAT] Lizzyrun15: Ha [] [CHAT] Animefanlt01: Hynza just got RKT by da Dor [] [CHAT] Vloggmus: uh [] [CHAT] Vloggmus: okay [] [CHAT] Dorumin: uh [] [CHAT] Dorumin: okay [] [CHAT] Hynza: the only thing of me thats getting rekt is uh [] [CHAT] Hynza: idk [] [CHAT] Lizzyrun15: (seekhelp) [] [CHAT] Sharayna: the only part of me getting rekt is my will to live [] [CHAT] Hynza: my fursona got vored a couple of times does that count as getting rekt? [] [CHAT] Lizzyrun15: "I rekt her little dreams." [] [CHAT] Vloggmus: om pm me sarah I'm curious [] [CHAT] Iudexkoo: I was playing teem top and got 4 man ganked 5 times, does that count as rekt?

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