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Hey, you know what your grandma always said: Variety is the spice of life. " —@megan_getz"I like it like that." —@Sarenda Sea Kitty"Please don't stop doing that." —@chelsie_shea"Take me now, you stud." —@tehsoupie"Harder baby, harder, don't stop." —@natyudez Now find out the two hottest things you can say in bed here.And while memaw probably wasn't referring to pillow talk, she had a valid point. Anything to add to the list of five-word dirty talk phrases? That's why I am going to give you my top 17 sexy things to say to your boyfriend.I am going to get to the juicy stuff in just a minute (the actual phrases to use on your man during sex).It certainly does make sex more enjoyable, but it works in so many other areas of your relationship too.Build Sexual Tension – By far the most powerful benefit of talking dirty to your guy is that it increases the sexual tension between you and him.Right now, you are reading the first chapter of the Dirty Talking Guide…On this page, you’re going to learn 73 different dirty talking phrases to use.You can click here to skip straight to them or keep reading to learn how and why you should be using dirty talk in your relationship.



So the things that you will be saying to your man will be quite different in each case.

My advice is to practice these dirty talking phrases a few times to yourself before you actually use them on your man. You need to know WHERE to do it​Where you talk dirty is just as important.


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    There are plenty of them, but let's focus on what I believe are the top five myths that make dating harder for Christian men.

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    Wang announced his relationship with the 27-year-old Lee on his Facebook and Sina Weibo micro-blogging pages Tuesday, U. time -- a major step for the star who has for a long time been known for keeping his private life closely guarded from the press."She's not in the entertainment business so you don't know her, but I also don't want to create the opportunity for rumors so ... She's 27 years old and a graduate student at Columbia," Wang wrote.

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    There are many girls from Cyprus and Greece on the site.

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