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We have to also point out her weird ponytail that was fine from the front, but awkward from the back! ] So the question arises, who could possibly play a pop culture fixture so well known throughout the galaxy? Here some actors we think could pull it off: and other television shows, has been dealing with the unimaginable all week: his teenage daughter Jade, who also goes by Arlo, has been missing and unaccounted for since Monday.

What do U think of these looks, Perezcious readers?? Related: Mariah Carey Caught In The Middle Of International Corruption Scandal On Saturday night, in another impassioned plea as he did earlier this week, Logue shared a picture of Jade (above) and a very special message, begging for her safe return home.

News At the recently concluded Glamour awards in London, Stewart’s disappointment at losing out on Film Actress of the Year to Gemma Arterton was quickly overshadowed by her obvious delight in Hedlund winning Man of the Year. I can verify that he's definitely the man,” she said as she presented him with the award.

“I met him in , and it was the greatest experience . The handsome actor also seemed keen to celebrate his win with Stewart.

We don’t want to give and her rumored beau, but one thing is for sure — Kristen definitely isn’t the woman in Garrett’s life.

Besides, whoever said that she and Robert Pattinson were no longer a secret couple?

Even though the film received a lukewarm response at the box office, the role help him secure a supporting role in the film “Eragon”.And even though Rooney Mara has "a lot to say" about the lack of minority representation in Hollywood, she doesn't want her opinions to be reduced "to a sound bite." In an interview with actress opened up about her own experience with whitewashing — this time, a bit more candidly than she has in the past! Nonetheless, we think the Hollywood hotties are 100% slaying it right now and we wish them only the best.Related: Rooney Shares Her Surprising Experiences With Gender Pay Gap! Feel free to reach out to us if you EVER want to update your #Relationship Status. [ spinoff has officially been announced as the story of a young Han Solo.The 30-year-old understands why she got heat after being cast as Tiger Lily in 2015's All black everything! We love her twist on a classic look — the strappy Valentino gown definitely hugged the alum back on the circuit. [ Related: Kirsten Dunst Looks Killer In The New Season Of Fargo! However, an insider shared that the happy couple DID throw a party for their 50 closest friends and family at their El Lay home. Obvi Harrison Ford can't play himself from before the original trilogy.

Kirsten Dunst and Sophia Bush were on the same page on the Golden Globes red carpet in sexy low cut looks! Sophia definitely looks classy (but a little boring) in her all black Narciso Rodriguez number with Martin Katz jewelry and Sophia Webster heels. [ Photos: Harrison Ford Runs Errands Just Three Months After His Terrifying Plane Crash!Garrett Hedlund is an American TV and film actor who rose to prominence with a minor role in the hit epic drama “Troy” in 2004.


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    The series ran on ABC from September 17, 2002 to April 15, 2005.

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