Girls who like bald men dating sites

If he goes to a strip club, he will likely fall in love with one or more of the women there even though the woman might not be nice, intelligent or have good family values.

She might be a total slut, untrustworthy, dumb and an annoying bitch, but the attraction she is making him feel is allowing him to consider dropping the requirements he thought a woman had to meet to be his girl.

I’m not a statistician but I can tell you that x plus y equals bald men really making it count when they do hook up. No doubt he’ll be sympathetic to your complaints and be ready with compliments, kisses and a rom-com in the DVD player.

As a dear friend of mine said, “The best oral sex I’ve ever received was from a bald guy. Have you ever really fallen for a guy because of his hair? (Again, you, Ben.) Plus, a man who doesn’t have to worry about quaffing his hair can spend more time doting on you.

What Online Dating Site First Learned About Women in 2013…

When it comes to knowing what women want, men are often at a loss.


The data showed that women are actually more responsive to being approached by younger men than older men—and it’s not just cougars or girls being hit on by creepy old men.

And I’ve had the ladies too so that’s impressive.” Feeling fat? All you have to do is watch this season of “The Bachelor” to know that the hair does not the man make (yes, I’m talking about you, Ben). Perhaps the best thing about a baldie: they’ve already gone through the super painful process of going bald. Admit it ladies, if Ryan Gosling shaved his head you would be all up on that.

Which means a) you won’t find man-hairs all over the place and b) you’ll never have to wonder if your man will look hot bald.

Then there is the idea that her boss might see, or her friends, or her neighbors, or the guy at the gas station.

The whole world sees her as desperate enough to resort to online dating.

And online, there are no facial cues or body language to guide you.


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