Gooseberry dating

It was the same story at the local fruit-and-veg stall.

“Oooh, no,” said the man, “we haven’t had gooseberries for a few years now.

For what is the other person supposed to do while their dinner companion is absorbed in's daily updates or someone else's emailed witticisms?


The one we’ve been growing for a few years has been prolific and trouble-free, and has the best of both parents in its flavour.Waitrose is one of the few supermarkets that is still stocking both varieties of gooseberry.However, prices are still too low to ensure the survival of the fruit.The particular pleasures of an English gooseberry pie – syrupy juices seeping into buttery pastry, eaten in July or August – may become the stuff of folk myth.


Some are put off gooseberries for life by plunging their teeth into a mouth-puckering raw cooker.

There are two kinds of gooseberries: the tart, cooking variety typically used for crumbles, and the sweet, dessert gooseberry, which can be eaten raw.


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